Frequently Asked Questions


What is Fully Furnished Home Staging?
Fully Furnished home staging is for vacant properties, we will bring everything and professionally stage your property. Our stylist will make it a display home. Fully Furnished Property Staging include everything for a set price refer to our pricing for full staging.
What is Partially Furnished Home Staging?
Partially Furnished home staging is for owner occupied properties, owners have some good furniture such as beds and some other items but need new lounge suites or dinning settings etc. Subject to onsite consultation our property stylist will bring some furniture, linen, soft furnishings, cushions, rugs, art work, bed side tables, coffee table, tv trolley, lamps and staging accessories etc to professionally stage your property.
In partial furnished staging can we use staged furniture for 6 weeks?
Of course, you can use our furniture as normal. We only request $300 refundable deposit in case of any damage to our furniture or accessories.
Is set price home staging include furniture hire?
Yes, Fully and Partially Staging pricing include everything we will bring everything from our wide range of furniture and home staging accessories. What we will not do is curtains, or blinds, fridge, dish washer, washing machine and microwave.
What happens if my property doesn't sell in six weeks can we extend for few more weeks and how much will it cost?
All of our staged properties have sold within 4 weeks. However, if this situation arises you can extend property staging. We will charge you the total cost paid to us divide that by 6 weeks. For example if you have paid $3000 divide that by 6 weeks = $500/week.
What happens if my property is sold prior to six weeks staging. Do I get any refund.
As part of our agreement If your property is sold prior to 6 weeks there will be NO refund. As soon as your property is sold unconditionally we ask you to call us for removal of furniture.
Do I have to pay for staging upfront?
Pay us in Full on the day we Style your Property. We want our customers to be satisfied with what we deliver before making the payment. Payments can be made by bank transfer or by credit card. Credit card payments will incur a 1.60% bank transaction fees.
How long do you take to stage a property?
We have a team of 3 property Stylists and 3 Movers we come in fully prepared and stage entire property between 60 to 90 minutes in most cases ready for a photo shoot same day.

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